Top 10 best traveling place in the world

when we will plan our holidays that time one question is come in our mind for tourist places. which is a best traveling place in the world?

Today everyone plan holidays with family and friends. Than we are searching on Google/Bing for traveling place.

You know our planet is surrounded with lots of beauties and adventure. So we are confuse which destination is best for traveling. 

So, I am suggest you this article in best traveling place in the world and share with you some experiences about it.

Top 10 Best Travelling Place In The World 

  1. Paris, France 
  2. Kumbalgarh Fort, Udaipur,India
  3. London, England 
  4. Sigiriya, Shri Lanka 
  5. Alhambra, Spain
  6. Palawan Island, Philippines 
  7. UAE, Dubai
  8. California 
  9. Switzerland 
  10. Tanzia
Right now, this guide article in inform you all about mention places.

  • Paris
Paris is one of the best largest tourist visitors place and all seasons in travellers visited their. 
Paris travelling
Photo by Nicolas
Paris is also popular for as love signs and it's Height: 984′, 1,063′ to tip.

Effiel Tower surrounded by the garden, river and with tourist people's that time Effiel tower is looking amazing (wonderful).

Every tourist make videos and shoot pictures for memories. 

Paris is which city whereas our heart is breathing and enjoying best moments life. 

It's also one of the best location for visiting with your family and friends for making memorable tour. 

  • Kumbalgarh Fort 
You can imagine this location when you listen fort. Because fort is heaven and royal location of kings.

Kumbhal Garh fort
Kumbalgarh Fort wall is second greatest wall of in world after the china wall. 

Around the Kumbalgarh Fort you can see forest views & amazing greenish mountains and blue sky with smoth air.

And the Kumbalgarh Fort near lots of hotels and resorts available for tourist.

So it's also memorable tour in India. You can also visit nearest places in Udaipur like Pichhola lake and city place etc. 

  • London 
London is one of the best tourist visitors place. London in each and every day lots of visitors visit and enjoy the city.



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