How to become travel blogger and vlogger

It's really amazing thought for freedom life with memorable life enjoying and many people's don't know how to become travel blogger and vlogger & influencer. 

How to become travel vlogger

So read this article continuesoly and know all about below mentions topics. 
  1. What's travel blogging
  2. How to start travel blog?
  3. How to earn money travel blog?
  4. How to become travel blogger/vlogger on YouTube?
  5. How to become travel blogger (successful)?
  6. Which camera is best for travel blogger?
  7. Become freelancer travel blogger opportunities 
So, guys today I'm guide you in this article all about the mention above numbers. 

Before the starting travel blogging just it's depend on your dedication and your interest rate. Interest rate mean all about your dedication. 

Because when you will be start traveling blog that time you can't earn money and don't get anythings from the people's but when you are popular that time those people give you sufficient amount for enjoying your life. 

If you think about how is it possible? Don't worry I am everything cover below the content. 

And final question is are you serious for traveling blogger?  

Because you can't make a empire within a short time period so i mean it's your interest than you can do it. Limitless without getting any benefits.

But do remember destiny always help those guys who's believe on working. 

So I'm also serious if you are want become travel blogger than continue read it Otherwise you can take it back.

If also looking for knowledge than you can also read it and know about travel blogger and travel bloggers life. 

What's travel blogging? 

Travel blogging is visiting lots of places around the world and reach your destination between happened is traveling blogging.

Which is happened during your tour that's you will be mention on your blog. 

And explain between special moments, any particular things about guide in your blog for tourist and how was your tour and what's best there places. 

So it's travel blogging I hope you are got it about travel blogging. 

So guys travel blogging is freelancing like work as a my definition. Because travel blogging in no one your boss no any boundaries for doing your job on the time.

So guys move ahead another topics on for more information.

How to start travel blog? 

Before you know that how to start travel blog I said it's time to making your empire platform which is spread across world for your work.

How to start travel blogger?

May be you are got it my point which is spread across world. 
Yes, right (Internet).

If you are want start travel blog than you need some servers for making your blog.

Than you need buy a Web hosting and Domain. It's priority for making your travel blog.  

You want start your travel blog free of cost than you can make it on Google platform on. 

Google platform is free of cost whole life which platform name is Blogger but paid service is better for if you want professional travel blogger.

Right now you have questions which platform is better?  And which platform is paid and how to better? 

You know very well if we are pay for anythings than we get absolutely great services. Right now happen here paid v/s Free.

So I'm explain of you what is paid platform for blog.
Wordpess is paid platform and if you want start your blog with wordpess than you need web hosting and Domain.

Lot's of company are provide web hosting and domain you can buy from there.

Some examples :-
For Web Hosting :- Bluehost, Sitegrond etc. 
For Domain :- Namecheap,  Godaddy

Above mention some lists are popular for particular fied in but they are also start multiple services. 

So I will suggest you can your hosting from the top company which company have asset is Web Hosting.

You can also buy your Domain from the web hosting because I said all companies are right now multiple service provide.

After buying your Web hosting and Domain just you need install your wordpess from your web hosting panel and customize your domain with the wordpess.

After installing your wordpess optimize your blog for good looking and fast speed set up themes also install some useful plugins for better organic traffic from Google Searches.

If you are start your blog on Blogger than just you need Custom Domain for making your brand otherwise you can use sub-domain which is provided by google.

You can develop your website from web developer for better services.

After doing this you need make your facebook page and instagram profile. 

Because right now this social media is on trend. If you know another social media for better audience attention than make also their. 

So make your profile on social media and mention about your profile in travel blogging and Website link.

And don't forget update daily your travel updates on the social media because audience attention is very primary for gaining popularity.

If you are using instagram than you can use hastag and tag. After you can post on facebook feed in. 

But as a my personal experience you can gain lots of followers from the instagram and real active followers. 

Which is useful for your profile making in popular profile. You can also make profile on Pinterest for website on traffic.

And also don't forget making some pages on blog like contact us. Because if anyone want contact with you for sponsorship any kinds for than you can touch with him/her.

So finally you are setup your travel blog for making your brand. 

How to earn money from travel blog and travel bloggers ? 

Yes, you can also earn from the travel blog.

How to earn money from travel blogging

After making your blog and post on some contents which is happened during your tour and memories best things. Which is helpful for visitors.

You can also write many things accordingly tourist and places.

After you can monetize your blog from Google Adsense,, Affiliate program etc.

When you will get approval from these monetization platforms than you can generate revenue from the blog.

After you can earn from the affiliate marketing whereas you are getting some commission for selling the products.

How to earn travel blogger? 

Travel blogger earn money from lots sources because they have sponsorship, promoting tour packages, promoting brands, promoting tour equipment etc. 

They are get sponsorship on blogs and social media on. Because they are popular and they get lots of followers so therefore they can promote anythings.

They are also promote Dresses, shoes, dslr,  etc. 

I hope your doubts is clear about the earnings travel blogger and travel blogs from.  

This earning is depends to much on blog without doing once write contents after.  

How to become travel blogger/vlogger YouTube? 

It's also great and awesome platform for bloggers. They can easily become successful travel blogger because YouTube is across world in watching platform.

How to become travel blogger and vlogger

YouTube also give monetization for video uploading. When if you are make your original content.

YouTube on you get lots of sponsorship for brand promoting.

YouTube also give lots of chances for creators because they can grow. 

YouTube is amazing platform so I'm  personally also recommend you can also build your YouTube Channel which is free of cost whole life.

You don't need paying any kinds of services charges. You don't need buying web hosting and domain etc. 

You know YouTube on billions of people's are connected. So also make your channel on YouTube for your travel blogging and vlogging.

How to become travel blogger (Successful)? 

It's not a difficult because you can start your travel blog with your daily life.

I have some tips for becoming successful travel blogger :-

  • Blog Build 
  • Social media 
  • Places 
  • Collaboration 
  • Meet up with fans 
Above mentions some list for becoming successful and I'm also cover another topics in the article. Which is mention above list in. 

Blog Build :- 

I had already mention about it above the topic in how to blog build and write interesting post for visitors. 

Than your blog is rank and you will get popularity and you know after popularity you can earn everything from your name. 

Social media :-

On social media you need update daily photos and share your life daily stories which is interesting for your followers.

And also post some place pictures which is most lovable places like a Effiel Tower. 

Because it's much lovable place for tourist so daily update for audience interactions.

Places :-

When you will be plan your tour than update on your stories.

If anyone interested on the place than they will follow your all post.

That time you get better audience retentions.

When you are on trip than post best pictures on your profile and also post your stories in your moments. 

Which is you enjoy and also focus better surprising for your audience.

Because you know that if your not a doing anything different as your competitor than it is not easy beating him/her so make different your talent.

Collaboration :-

Yes, when you are on initial period that time you need collaboration with popular creators with collaboration if they are agree.

Otherwise you can collaborate with who's not a much popular but you get benefits with your contractor.

Because your collabarater fans see the posts and stories many more things with you than they are check out your profile.

If your profile is amazing than they will follow you and they are read your blogs.

So collaboration is very useful for beginners.

Meet up with fans  :-

It's really amazing trick for gaining popularity very soon time in.  

You know why?  Because if your fans take selfies with you than they will post on his/her social media accounts. 

Than His/her friends also check out your profile.

So you are understand about the meet up with with the fans. 

Which camera is best for travel blogger? 

You know each and every day lots of camera's are launch in market. So I can't say about it.

Because you know technology is very fast grow and giving lots of features than we can not decide about it. But some camera's is very useful like a Gopro camera. 

It's really very useful travel blogger because you can make it with videos which videos is very perfect shoots.

  • Canon Powershot G7 X Mark ll
  • Canon EOS 77D
  • Sony Alpha ILCE5100L
  • GoPro Hero 7

I'm personally recommend this camera for travel blogging because these camera can take a very fast shoots and good performance taking best pictures quality.

But as my experience you can use GoPro Hero 7 for better video quality and better image quality.

Become freelancer travel blogger opportunities?

It's great opportunities for travel blogger. It's also a part of freelancer.

And also great opportunities for travel blogger they can earn money from the become influencer.

When any people become a influencer that time they are earn revenue from the modelling and photo shoots etc.

You can also read it :- Types of photography 

Conclusion :-

I hope you are understand exactly all about the travel blogger and vlogger. If you are feel knowledgeable information so please share with your friends. This article how to become travel blogger.

If you have any doubts about this travelling blogging so you can ask me below the comment section box in. 


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