Types of photography

Types of photography

Photography means to capture a beautiful moment in our camera & make it memorable and it’s also art. Whereas we can shoot lots of types of photography & different techniques which are useful for us improving our image quality. 

Today is very important photography in our life because you know everything is today digital therefore everyone is moving on digitalization (E-commerce) where everyone can grow business.

If we talk about photography in business than you know lots of business ideas for revenue-generating from photography like an E-commerce, Sell photos on stock websites, photography blogs, etc.

So, Types of photography in the different field which is mention below the list:-

  • Product photography 
  • Studio Photography 
  • Wedding photography
  • Lifestyle photography
  • Modeling photography

  • Product photography
Product photography basically depends on the product. You know the commercial field in product photography is very useful if we will promote our product (ex.Shoes) at that time we need to click the photos with different angels with the attractive shoots for the better experience of our customers. That time customers are satisfied with our products and give the order. Like if you have an e-commerce website. So, therefore, product photography is useful in the commercial sector. 

 Product photography

  • Wedding photography

Wedding photography is one the best photography in our life because it’s memorable moments at that time we will capture our moments in camera. 
Wedding photography in our all family members is live with us at that time we have a chance along with family and shoots some photos. Wedding photography in lots of variant styles in photography like Group photos, Family photos, Couple photos etc.
 Wedding photography

  • Lifestyle Photography

Lifestyle photography is a when we are enjoying our day with family and friends that time capture our moments in camera. It’s lifestyle photography.
Lifestyle photography in random clicks also shoot.
Lifestyle Photography

  • Modelling Photography

Modeling photography is one of the best photography in commercial field because everyone today promote product with celebrities that time they shoots the photos with model. Modelling photography is mostly use in magazine and this magazines are use in fashion industry. Modelling photography is also based on location for better shoots. 
Modelling Photography

  •    Studio Photography
Studio photography is indoor photography and shoots the photos with differents angels whereas all command are under the photographer. And all equipment are use for amazing shootings photos. Studio photograph in include group photos and jewellery photos etc.

Conclusion :- Some types of photography list cover and I will update full types cover about photography.


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