How to sign out from gmail app

How to sign out from gmail app

Hello my readers it's very useful knowledge for everyone because every body today using smartphone but some people don't know about it how to sign out from gmail app ? So today you can also learn here if you don't know how to sign out. 

How to sign out from gmail app

Let's starting before I said that if your data connection is a off than please turn on your data connection because you know that it's totally on internet connectivity based.

All process I am mention here in theoretical and don't worry I am also mention with photos (Screenshots) how to sign out from gmail app.

How to sign out from gmail app theoretically 

  1. Click on your Google widgets whereas all google products available.
  2. After click on the gmail app.
  3. You can see the top in navigation bar (Primary side) and click there.
  4. Scroll down and you can see setting and put on click.
  5. Immediately open a pop up whereas show on top bar in navigation like three dots & click there and after click on mangaged account.
  6. After open a new tab and you can see there your Google account.
  7. Just click on your Google account.
  8. After you will get below the bottom remove account.
  9. So, that's finally click on the remove account.
  10. Right now done your account is successful log out from the Google gmail.
Right now I am mention it with screenshots how to sign out from gmail app because you can do it easily if you don't understood from above methods.

All steps for log out from gmail account 

How to sign out from gmail app
Open your menu if your mobile in menu features. After open your Google products box.

When you will be open your Google product box than you can there Gmail app and open it. 

Click on the menu bar side the primary.

After open the menu scroll down and you see there setting (Gear icon).
Click on the settings bar (Gear icon)

After you will get a pop up and see on the top and menus bar three dots on click and you will get manage account and click there.

Right now you are enter the all google accounts management setting in. 
Just click on the which is you want sign out from gmail app.

So, finally you are reached there whereas you can do log out from gmail app.  Now check the bottom and you can see the remove account. Just click on your remove account.

How to log out from gmail app :- Read More

Conclusion :- Right now you are log out from gmail. If you understand how to sign out from gmail app so please comment your suggestion. I hope you are understand exactly how to log out from gmail app.


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